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Our clients will now enjoy an even smoother end of year process this year with the introduction of online signing. Thanks to a powerful tool called HelloSign, we can now send Financial Statements and Tax returns directly into our client’s email inboxes for immediate signing.

You can sign using your finger on a touch screen, by uploading an image, typing your name, or drawing your signature with your mouse. Here are the three simple steps of signing online with HelloSign.

1. Heads up email

When we send out your Financial Statements and Tax return, you’ll get a courtesy email to let you know that they’re coming your way.


2. Time to sign

First you’ll receive an email saying your document is ready to sign, it’ll look a little something like this:


Click the blue Review & Sign button and it will take you to a page like this:


Click the Get Started button and it’ll take you where you need to sign. You can choose from the following options, HelloSign will remember your signature for the future.


Once you’ve inserted your signature in the necessary places, there’s one last step – accepting that by continuing you agree to be legally bound by the document.


3. View & Save

Once all parties have signed the document, you’ll get an email to let you know and to give you the option to view and save the final document for your records.


And that’s it! We’re so pleased to be streamlining this process for our clients, we all know how slow the post can be at times! If you’re a client and you have a question about HelloSign for us, get in touch here or call us on 0800 SIDEKICK.

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