IRD Telephone Scam

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You may have seen in the news recently that there has been a high number of telephone scammers pretending to be the IRD at the moment. Here are some tips to remember if you suspect you’ve received one of these calls:

– If you’re a client of ours, the IRD should speak with us directly as we are your tax agent. Ask for the person to call your tax agent and hang up.

– The IRD will never call you out of the blue to tell you that you’re due for a refund, to demand money on the spot for overdue debt, to threaten you with jail time for tax evasion, or to ask for personal information over the phone.

– The IRD will always call you from a blocked number, if you have any concerns of the legitimacy of the person you’re speaking to, you can ask for their name, hang up and call the IRD on the numbers listed on their website or in the phone book, and request to speak to that person.

You can follow this link to see examples of phone and email scams, and who you can get in touch with at the IRD if you’re concerned that you may have been a victim of a scam.

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