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If you live in Christchurch or Queenstown and you haven’t tried Pedro’s House of Lamb, you’re missing out! We had a chat with the Pedro’s team to learn a little more about how they’ve come to be so successful.

Tell us about Pedro’s House of Lamb, how did you get started?
We launched Pedro’s House Of Lamb at the end of 2012. We had run a restaurant in Christchurch successfully for 30 years until the earthquakes. The new situation meant we had to think differently about the business and adapt. Which is how Pedro’s House of Lamb evolved – we took a product that was well loved in our restaurants and found a way to offer that when the city was short on premises.

Where can people find you guys?
You can find us at 17B Papanui Road in Christchurch and at 48 Gorge Road Queenstown.

What is one piece of advice for business owners? Can you share any lessons learnt from business struggles or challenges that you’ve overcome?
We did something in the food industry that was a little bit unusual. We offered just one dish –roasted lamb with a side of potatoes. People often asked us to extend the menu or whether we’d start providing accompanying dishes. But we’ve stuck with our original business plan and that’s proven to be successful.

By keeping it simple we’ve been able to produce a quality product, keep operating expenses lean and predictable.

Our experience has taught us to:
Trust your instincts.
Know your market.
Stick with what you’re good at.

What accounting system (if any) were you using before moving to Xero? How did that compare to Xero?
Prior to moving to Sidekick we operated a traditional accounting system – paper, paper and more paper. Moving to Xero has allowed us to streamline our accounting and provided more day to day visability.

Why did you choose our Sidekick service for your business?
We approached DJCA about Sidekick on the recommendation of our digital marketing agency, Empire9. After finding out more we saw that the sidekick offer would compliment our business and simplify our businesses finances.

Find out more about Pedro’s and how you can order from your local store here.

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