How can Social Media help your business?

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Social media is being used more than ever to the advantage of people and businesses. And why not, when it’s a free way to show potential customers what they’re missing out on? Here are six tips from our London djca team to ensure you use social media to your advantage.

1. PROMOTE. The likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn hold enormous potential for promoting your business. Make the most of these tools by creating account in your company name and regularly updating them with relevant content.

2. PUBLICISE. Along with relevant content, make sure you post your content to help spread it around out there. Blog posts, case studies, offers – anything that would appeal to clients (or potential clients) will be happily accepted by followers.

3. EXPAND. Making sure your audience is continually expanding is one of the most important ways to ensure you continue to get new custom. Take the time to find people who you think would be interested in your business. Reciprocation is an innate human behaviour, and the majority of people will return the favour if you demonstrate some interest in them. Even if some people do not need your service, the chances are they’ll still take a look at your page and might even click through to your website, thus increasing traffic and spreading awareness.

4. CAMPAIGN. Use social media to run marketing campaigns such as competitions. At the very least, share the competitions through this, but where possible, make the post the competition. Create a Facebook app or ask your followers to compete in a photo challenge with the offer of a small prize and your customer base will begin to increase.

5. ADVERTISE. Most social media pages now allow you to advertise or boost posts with them for a fee. Don’t go hell for leather on this, but dedicate a small budget towards doing some advertising testing. It is not always fruitful, but works incredibly well for some businesses so is worth a try if nothing else. Remember, you can also advertise your job vacancies through social media, which will enable you to reach out to as many people as possible and provide you with plenty of options.

6. ENGAGE. One very important, and often underestimated tool of social media is engagement. Try asking questions and commenting on other posts. Social media is all about creating some transparency to your business; people like to see that companies are not run by a bunch of robots. Engage with your audience and try and have a sense of humour about it – people will warm to you and become more interested in your business as a result.


Tips for Social Media (But not for Life)

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Here are a few suggestions from our Marketing team that they’d recommend you use in Social Media. However, they would NOT recommend taking these tips to the streets!

Talk back to everyone.

It’s not always the smartest thing to do in your workplace, your home or on the streets, but talking back could be the most important rule in Social Media!

Believe it or not, social media is all about being social (We know..mindblowing stuff). Don’t just do all the talking by sharing your own content – nobody likes that guy. You have to get involved by interacting and commenting on other pages and content too. Why not try and leave at least 1 comment a day on someone elses content? This will expose your brand to all sorts of different conversations and audiences. Make sure you always reply to each comment that is left on your page too, in a quick and friendly manner.

Follow strangers.

This one is definitely not a rule that’s taught in schools.

If there is someone out there that you’d like to work with in the real world, find them online and follow them as soon as possible. You’ll pop up in their notifications and if they like what they see, they’ll invite you into their social circles. It can be a great little step to include in your sales process. This rule applies to each of your new friends too. Anyone you meet at networking groups, in an online community forum or if you have just started doing business with them, should be added to your social media at the first opportunity.

Break things.

That’s right – we’re all for breaking things here at djca!

Like any of your business strategies, if your social media strategy isn’t performing well, break it! Don’t be afraid to change things up or take on a completely new approach – keep adapting and innovating your social media efforts until you find success.

Be overly emotional.

Let’s break down those emotional walls – we want to get to know the real you.

Don’t just consistently promote your products. Instead focus on demonstrating your brand’s personality and providing an insight into your company’s culture. Why not share a funny team photo or your social sports team results. Anything that shows off that you are in fact humans! Creating an emotional connection with your customers is far more valuable, compelling and sustainable than just touting your wares over and over again. Remember, people do business with people they like.

Slow and steady does NOT win the race.

How many turtles do you see doing well on Twitter? (Well other than this one.)

Did you know that your average tweet only stays in the spotlight for roughly 6-7 minutes? Or that a good Facebook post only really lasts a couple of hours? Social media is not about survival of the fittest – It’s survival of the fastest! Keep your posts and interactions frequent. Make life as easy as possible for you by downloading the handy smartphone apps, consider using a social media dashboard like Hootsuite, and spreading the responsibility around your work mates – why not have a social media champion from each department that can share content? You don’t need to write an essay each time, just as long as you’re staying near the top of the screen!