How to Keep Investors on Your Side

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Raising funds for any business is notoriously difficult. Any number of factors can slow things down or get in the way, preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

Once you have completed endless elevator pitches, a frantic search for due diligence paperwork, then working out a fair term sheet, you might finally close the fundraising round. (more…)

End of Financial Year – What you Need to Know as a Business Owner

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For most of us, the 31st of March will be the end of our 2014 financial year. We hope it’s been a successful, happy and profitable one for you and your business! Here are some tax tips and helpful information to ensure a smooth end of year process for you.

Need help getting your tax in order? Flick us a message, and we’ll be by your side in no time.

End of Tax Year Obligations – What do I need to do?


Xero Add-on Focus: GeoOp

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This handy online business software is responsible for revolutionising the Trades and Services Industries. Recently, we caught up with Scott to find out more about GeoOp.

Tell us a little bit about GeoOp…

The tool that started the revolution. Equipping field staff now!

GeoOp is the APP that replaces inefficient, paper based systems with a simple way to accurately create, assign, cost, quote & invoice jobs while in the field.

What are the main benefits tradies will see with GeoOp?

GPS functionality ensures visibility in the office and time saving on the job. GeoOp takes advantage of the mobile devices already in the hands of trade & service staff. Join the revolution today.

Where do you operate?

GeoOp is a global solution, headquartered out of Auckland, New Zealand. We have a Melbourne office in Australia with a range of support and sales staff, and have sales offices setup in London, UK and Denver, US.
Most of our customers are located in Australia, US and the UK.

What are your thoughts on Xero? How does your software integrate with it?

Xero are a key partner for GeoOp. We integrate with Xero to allow our customers to access and integrate their accounting and stock information to make our already amazing solution that much better.

What is one piece of advice for business owners in your industry? Can you share any lessons learnt from business struggles or challenges that you’ve overcome?

Don’t be scared of change! Embracing a new way of working can be tough, our industries we market to have been working with pens and paper for decades and change can be frightening. But once a trades or service business revolutionises the way it works by implementing GeoOp, the work/time required to adopt a new way of operating pays itself back in spades with the efficiencies gain in day to day work.

Why do you like to recommend our Sidekick service to your clients?

Sidekick are like us, they’ll revolutionise the way you work and will help you reach your goals in business.

Our favourite superhero is Batman because he made sure he has a trusty Sidekick… who is yours and why?

Iron Man because he’s constantly upgrading and staying ahead of the technological curve – Something we strive for + he’s kinda cheeky.

Like what you see? Get in touch with GeoOP on their website today! Or see the app for yourself on the Apple App Store, or on the Google Play Store.