Getting the right advice pays off!

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Client Spotlight: Challenge Darfield

18 months ago Challenge Darfield was operating out of an older building, where the space wasn’t utilised to its best potential. Seeing an opportunity to service the area in a more relevant and efficient way, a new build for the local petrol station began. The photos of the new premise, we think, speak for themselves.

Challenge-darfield5 Challenge-darfield3

Challenge-darfield4 Challenge-darfield2

More than just a great build and optimised fit out, the team at Challenge Darfield focused on getting the right advice by surrounding themselves with people who had the knowledge to help them with this big change. If you’re considering shaking things up in your business, ensure you’re speaking to experts in their field to make sure your next move is going to put you in a better position than you are in now.

Things to consider:

Who will manage this new project?
Can you continue to keep up cash flow while making this change?
Are you getting the best deal from your bank?
Have you sat down and really looked at the numbers – past, present and projected?

Next time you’re out Darfield way, be sure to check out the new Challenge! There’s a fresh new café, a nice spacious forecourt and you can’t beat the friendly vibe that the new build and the staff bring to your experience. We’re super proud to call these guys clients, what an awesome job they’ve done!