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Xero accounting software - Platinum Partner and award winner


Xero is a beautiful online accounting software

We are Certified Advisors and Award Winners of Xero. Wahoo! Huzzah! ...But what does that mean?

DJCA is the very proud recipient of the Xero Accounting Partner of the Year Award for 2010 and 2011. Xero has recognised what we do is a good fit for their users. Like Xero, we’ve got a refreshing approach and aim at bringing a breath of fresh air into accounting. 

Using Xero with a traditional, compliance-only accountant would be like having an orchestra without a conductor…Great potential, but lacking direction. No fear! That’s where DJCA Xero Accountants come in. We are a friendly bunch of Xero experts committed to offering a proactive, interactive and understandable accounting service to business owners.

Small business accounting with Xero

Xero is online accounting software created especially to suit the needs of small businesses. It's easy to use, will save you incredible amounts of time, and our clients even say they find Xero fun to use!

Because Xero is cloud based, all your accounting data is stored online. This means you can access it anywhere, anytime, from any device with an internet connection. Online accounting systems like Xero run in real time, which means your data is always up to date. There's only one version too, so you can connect from the office, at home or on the go - no more being tied to your desktop!



Sidekick accounting services - powered by Xero

Our Sidekick accounting services have been specifically designed to support businesses using Xero accounting software. These fixed monthly fee packages are making quite a splash in the accounting world and were even labelled by Xero as 'the poster boy for the future of accounting'. It’s not just about compliance anymore, our fixed monthly fee packages offer all sorts of support, guidance and advice to ensure Xero is being utilised to its full potential.

You want Xero? We've got Xero!

Essentially, we know a lot about Xero. New to Xero? We've got the info you need. Do you have a Xero problem? It’s likely we’ve seen it before. Do you have a tricky business structure? We’ll know if and how it can work for you. Don’t think you’re using Xero as efficiently as possible? We can help you.

Check out the Sidekick Packages.  Meet the Xero Accountants.  Ready to Contact Us?   

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We may be unconventional, but we’re still 100% professional and have the acronym to prove it from the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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